Islamic clothes have been always the centre of attraction basically the amanis the black dress which create curiosity but somehow could be identified in the other manner as it has been pretended. Here in this very critique what should I first discuss the style of clothing or the tradition which have been kept criticized for the other reason I guess we don’t have to go in the other direction we just need to focus what we have to do. Before going further I would like to let you know that have you ever been through the Muslim community for any reason or did you see their female attire in the specific manner for which they are known.

Hijab; since the Muslim community has been known to the world they have got the special identification just because of the attire they keep using her I am going to tell you about the Hijab. Everyone must have seen this as the time is passing on reason as to why the Muslims community is all around the world so you must have also seen the Hijab the black dress a complete world of privacy and not to show anything that is prohibited as the Islamic guidelines.

Abaya; the other form of the Hijab covering the entire body of the female which is now being designed as per the country specific and if you have been through the Muslims then you must have realized the differences. The abaya are now replacing the Hijab just because of the modernization of the communities for which it has been designed.

Kaftans; kaftans are now in the trend the most adopting quality if you take a look it is not being made in the black color and you will be amazed to find out that color variable is the main point which makes it more comfortable to be wore.

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Back then, people could see ads in their newspaper, billboards and of course on the television. Nowadays, ads still come in those forms as well as through the internet. Ads on the internet can come in different forms. Ads still come in video form like TV commercials except they just pop up in the videos on social media and streaming sites. Just like how some Facebook video ad film would suddenly play when you’re streaming. You may wonder how you can make money from online and internet ads.

How to make money from online ads

  • The first one is by getting ad revenue. Think of using a social media site or streaming site where you upload your own content. Depending on your following, you can get a lot of money when there are a lot of people watching your content. That’s because the person selling the ads will see that you have a lot of viewers so that means they can pump out their ads to all of them.
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Just a few things to consider

  • The only way that you can get some ads in your site or on your content is that if you have a lot and enough of viewers. Ads won’t be popping up when there is no money to be made so you need to do your part.
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Making money from online ads can always be a good thing but it doesn’t start off that easily.