The freedom to go to different places around Singapore maximizes your vacation with options to return to some specific spots that mean more to you. It is often difficult how one tourist reacts to a certain location. There are some who gets fascinated with high rise buildings and beautiful architecture. There are others who love nature and would continue to return to places that blends them with the setting. There are those who love the beach and feels the area brings them to a more relaxing time. Regardless of what location you love most, you would want to be able to stay longer in those places or opt to return. That makes renting your own vehicle for the trip advantageous.

What vehicle rental is best?

To go to different locations; vehicle rental is the mostexciting method to get to and from your planned destination. However, before deciding on what size of vehicle you need, you have to check the number of people that are traveling with you. Once you have the exact number, then you can decide whether to get a bigger ride or opt for 2 or more smaller rides. With bigger buses you will be able to save since you can maximize this. However, it will not be as comfortable as having platinum maxi cab Singapore which is smaller but impressive rides. Likewise, you should always take into consideration your budget for this specific trip.

How effective are these Mini Coaches when used for transport?

A mini coach usually seats 13 passengers with no luggage but if they have luggage, only 9 can be accommodated. Most mini coaches are air conditioned but does not provide a restroom for the passengers. The storage spaces is limited though, so generally it is the best choice for longer trips but it is the best money saving method for day trips to one or two local destinations.


What matters most is how you enjoy the trip, if you will still enjoy it with less expense, then so be it. If not, then make the most of what your budget can provide.